Ladies everywhere are in such an uproar! About what you ask? BEARDS! That’s right you got it, beards are what’s making the ladies go crazy on Facebook right now!

Mike McMillian Facebook

In recent weeks, Mike McMillian had the amazing idea to deliver eye candy in the form of a Facebook group, BEARD GAMES MATTER. He has garnered over 1.5 million followers and have women and men alike fawning over the adoration they’re receiving. There was actually so much adoration, or thirst whichever you choose, that another group was created.


They even have a bunch of memes floating around about this group!

Mike McMillian Facebook

A dating site has also reportedly been attached to this Facebook group!

Mike McMillian

So ladies, if you want to show your adoration click here  


Cardi B Instagram

CARDI! Cardi B has just shot to number 1 on the Hot Billboard 100 charts as anticipated by Charlamagne Tha God. She is the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill’s solo project to reach #1 without a feature. Cardi B is out here smashing the scene.

Cardi went on Instagram to thank all her fans, friends, and family. She even thanked Charlamagne Tha God!

Remembering Dick Gregory

Editor’s note

I had not taken time to post about the passing of the legendary Dick Gregory because I had to process what we are losing. See for the better part of 50 years, Mr. Gregory exemplified what it was to be inside the fight for Black people in America.

Mr. Richard Claxton Gregory, affectionately known as Dick, passed on August 19, 2017. Dick was an American civil rights activist, social critic, writer, entrepreneur, conspiracy theorist, and occasional actor; wore many hats. He is most world renowned for his no nonsense comedy sets that mocked the institution of bigotry and racism. Bursting on the scene in the 60s, he accredits his early success to Hugh Hefner. Hugh saw Dick perform in a black owned establishment called Roberts Show Bar in Chicago.

Photo Cred: DIck Gregory Instagram

After being named number 82 on the list of Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest StandUps, Dick Gregory began to actively fight for injustice. In 1968, Dick Gregory ran for President as a write-in candidate. While he’s maintained he was the President for a short time, Dick officially lost the presidency to Richard Nixon. He eventually was investigated and cleared by the FBI.

In recent news, Dick Gregory was on many media outlets promoting great health habits and veganism. He was an advocate for keeping the black community uplifted in such tumultuous times. This published author wrote books, articles, and short stories up until he passed.

Photo Cred:CNN

Prayerfully, his family keeps his memory alive because he was one of the pillars of the fight. Dick broke down many walls for blacks in this country, it’s only right we honor him properly.



ROBIN THICKE and his 22 year old girlfriend April are having a baby! Due on March 1, which is Alan Thicke’s birthday, TMZ reports the baby is a girl.

TMZ also reports that Julian, the 7 year old son of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, is ecstatic about his new sister, however, Robin and Paula aren’t divorced legally. This baby may keep Robin and Paula estranged longer than the three years they have been. The pair were even enthralled in a on and off  custody battle.

Photo Cred: Instagram

I wonder how Paula took the news considering April has been in his life for the three years they’ve been separated.

Hmmm??? Congrats to Robin and April!

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Sean DIDDY Combs has finally settled his suit with paparazzi photographer Gustavo Garces. Garces alleges that on New Year’s Eve 2011 he got the bodyguard beatdown after snapping shots of Diddy downtown Miami.  Garces also alleges that Diddy ordered his bodyguards to take his camera.

The terms of the settlement are still unknown, but surely Diddy paid up! Wondering why Gustavo Garces name is so familiar? He accused The Beib of stealing his memory card.