I spent the day with my sister K. Kearran at her booth at the Premier Dance Theatre’s 2012 recital, and I must say it was an awesome day start to finish! Now being the fashion forward girl I am, I could not help but to take notice of all the nice things that were at my fingertips! I am the first to say I LOVE ACCESSORIES, but my sister K.Kearran loves them so much more.

K. Kearran talked of wanting to expand her constantly growing business, but a good sister never tells the business secrets of loved ones. I will say this though, as her acting marketing manager, her ideas are creative, young and fresh for today’s fashionista. She has an amazing outlook on how to make her business better, and under the teachings of our mother she understands the power of the network. I watched as she went and patronized a few of the vendors that were present’s things. She was taken by the woman sitting across the vending station, and went over to say hello. I could tell by my sister’s heavy laughter and radiant smile that she had met a future mentor. The woman, who had some of the most beautiful handmade pieces that I’ve ever seen, schooled my sister on more cost effective ways to display her jewelry and how to scout out an event. My sister was completely in awe and definitely using her listening ears.

I predict KearranTheory Boutique will be one of the most competitive accessory e-commrce businesses because it’s inexpensive but definitely quality jewelry. I am a customer and a fan! Go to Facebook and “LIKE” the page www.facebook.com/kearrantheoryboutique.

We would like to wish Ms. K.Kearran and all of KearranTheory Boutique much continued success!




She walked out on the deck with a confident air about her, very friendly, and with a voice that commanded attention. You can put me over there, she pointed to the open area in the back of the deck only to return to the front because as she said, the sun is beaming over there!  I sat quietly as she and I exchanged pleasantries. She waited on her daughter to come help he set up her vending station, and to my surprise she was an author! She introduced herself as Leslie Clark-Headley, a native of Newark, NJ. Mrs. Headley’s book is name Silent Dark Cries: The Lost Generations  and it involves social relations between the youth today versus those of yesteryears. Ultimately, the challenge is as Mrs. Headley so eloquently put, We have to go back to the beginning. There is no connection, but we need to bring these babies full circle. 

Here is a brief synopsis of the book that can be found on amazon.com:

Is a life changing book that appeals to Men, Women and Youth of every household especially those who are overwhelmed with curiosity and interests as to the behavior of most of our youth and the impact and effect it has on society at large. Many Communities and Counties state to state have been stripped of their rights to live in a secure and civil environment. This great read takes you deep into the lives of inner-city youth, the good, the bad and the ugly without condoning inappropriate behavior or shifting responsibility and accountability. Stories unfold while others open their eyes and search their souls for Silent Dark Cries in their lives often caused by broken promises, shatter dreams and childhood lies. This Powerful book delivers a mind changing message to every man, woman, boy and girl. It addresses major problems provides solutions and offers a guaranteed formula for Soul Healing, Personal Growth and a more peaceful Society. 

I must say as my sister and I sat and spoke with Mrs. Headley, we came to find that she was one of the most articulate people we’ve ever come to know. So it was only fitting when she spoke of being a motivational speaker, Chief Executive Officer for the non-profit Dreams Do Come True, and returning to school to become a life coach. Being a writer, I must say she has inspired me to write on relevant subjects in our society. Mrs. Headley also spoke of being a minister and studying theology. She was truly an inspiration, as well as he daughter Anieka! I was proud that my young sister decided to follow a different trend, by educating herself and excelling amongst her peers. Awesome young lady that I am proud to have met!

I recommend everyone go get their copy of this book. Mrs. Headley, we at BiBi’s Next To Blow wish you all the best! I pray that Ms. Anieka continues down the path of success under you teachings! Blessed to have met you!!! For your copy please visit www.leslieclarkheadley.com and buy directly from the author!


Jerz Land Ink


If you ever see this truck in your area chances are there is an event and shirts are needed. The company Jerz Land Ink is headed by Ned Rastetter and Lincoln Williams. For these two men, being raised in Jersey Land area of Scotch Plains have a familial bond throughout community, hence the name. You see that design on the t-shirt? That Jersey Land belongs to me. They try to use it, they better come see me. Lincoln Williams proudly said. He spoke highly of his childhood friend and partner Ned. Ultimately, the positive entreprenuers are making their way in print. If you need shirts, hoodies, hats, or anything you can imagine. Their motto “If you can think it, we can ink it!” . To contact Jerz Land Ink call, 908-233-TEES.


Be advised, Jerz Land Ink has gone mobile, so look for them to do your next event.

S/O to Ned and LB for their positive endeavors, and I want my hat! Lol



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This is a joint right here by my guy J. Shuler! He sent me this joint earlier in the week and I lost it, but due to the help of Mr. Shuler himself! So S/O to @MisterShuler! Much Love honey, I see you!