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From a lay off at City Colleges in the payroll department, Nicole Davis found herself unemployed armed with only a degree in journalism. Most people in this situation would sit idle and dream, but this emerging journalist made her dream of writing become a reality!

BiBi: Hi Nicole, how are you?!

Nicole: Hi, I’m fine and I just want to say I’m humbled by this. I mean I do interviews and for someone to want to interview me, yeah that’s cool!

BiBi: Yes, I understand! [chuckles] So tell me about yourself/blog. (

Nicole: Well, I am a graduate of Columbia College here in Chicago. I’m a freelance writer for Lumino Magazine, as well as, editor/reporter Bezel Magazine. What got me started with the whole blogging thing was a lay off from City Colleges. I had been freelance writing so I figured if I can write for them I can write for myself. So I began pushing myself as far as my writing. I interviewed myself like, What is your desire? What do you want in this life? . I just decided to step out on faith and considered my dream of moving to LA. In the 11 hours prior to my flight, I canceled. I found a graphic designer and launched in March of this year. Graphic Designers can help you set yourself apart from other blogsites.

BiBi: Awesome! So since you answered my question already (we shared a laugh), that’s what I love about this! You’re a blogger so you already know what I SHOULD ask you! 

Nicole: Yes, a graphic designer can make all the difference! But I also spotlight fashion in my “Fashion in the City” and “Top 5”! I have to get back into those, but yes those are what sets apart from other blogs.

BiBi: What is your biggest success story to date with

Nicole: What I think my biggest success is the fact that I reach out, but a lot of people that are reaching back are doing so from other countries, like the UK and South Africa. I actually have a contributor who writes all the way from South Africa! I mean for me that’s amazing because that’s international, you know.

BiBi: Indeed I do. So, where do you see EntertainmentDiva and yourself in five years?

Nicole: You know Roland Martin? Well who doesn’t know him, but when he was my boss he said to me “Don’t go where you desire, go where the opportunity is.” So I plan to expand my network and blog and hopefully my dream place LA is where the opportunity is.

BiBi: Thanks Nicole! It was great speaking to you. 

Nicole: Thank you! I’m humbled by the opportunity.

Nicole is proof that thinking outside the box and networking is the way to succeed in this industry. She has what it takes to go all the way to the top if she sticks to the formula she’s created for herself! Make sure you check out and follow her on twitter @nicolemigone!

You never know she may be the next to blow….




A new talent ison the rise in comedy, and with all the comedic talent out Comedian Chris G plans to change the game. With a string of jokes, that seemingly never stops, this entertainer is blazing a new trail. Chris G has performed in a variety of places, but he is still fairly new to the game. Pursuing his comedy was a hard thing to consider, but he overcame all the setbacks and decided to step out on faith. with a renewed faith in his talent he has been on the chitterling circuit for the time being. He has been blessed to grace the stage with some of the oldest comedic talents in the country, Talent and Hamburger just to name a few.


With the world at his feet, Comedian Chris G. will surely become a household name. Check back for dates and times he will be performing in your area.


You never know he may be the next to blow….


Dawn Richard from Bad Boy to Independent Solo Success



I’ve watched Dawn Richard from the time she burst onto the scene in 2005 with thousands of other girls, whom she would soon beat out for the chance to win Making the Band. It was clear to myself and the rest of the world that she was the breakout artist among the talented young ladies. A budding songwriter, a classically trained dancer, and a vocal talent that soars, Dawn Richard was destined for greatness.

Her brief four year stint in multiplatinum recording group Danity Kane solidified her as a force in the music industry. It was with them Dawn penned hits like “Strip Tease”, “Lights Out” and “Ain’t Going” off of the Welcome To The Dollhouse album by Danity Kane. As most all girls groups do, they broke up, for the world to see, leaving them in situations where emotions ran high and integrity was questioned. Through it all, Diddy remained supportive of Richard’s career in the industry. She began writing songs for Cassie, Diddy and other Bad Boy artists as she was the only remaining member of Danity Kane still signed to Bad Boy records.

In 2009, Dawn was a contributing member of Bad Boy multiplatinum group Dirty Money, which consisted of Diddy, Dawn Richard, and Kalenna Harper. They released Last Train To Paris  in March of 2010, which spawned 3 hits Angels, Love Come Down, and Hello Goodmorning ft TI. Thus making Dawn Richard the only member of DK to record on a major label after the disbanding of the group. By February 2011, Richard released mixtape The Prelude to a Tell Tale Heart. This created a buzz thanks to all at where it was released. This was called a prelude because a debut studio album was up and coming. When Dirty Money disbanded, Richard was released from her contract with Bad Boy.

Subsequently, Dawn announced that she would be releasing a debut solo album, a trilogy, The Golden Heart, Black Heart, and Redemption Heart. The Golden Heart which is set to be released October 16, 2012 is prefaced by Armor On. Before the album debut, she real eased  EP Armor On, on March 27, 2012, with an explosive lead single Bombs blazing the way. It was here Richard showcased her new progressive r&b sound with groundbreaking choreography. With great reception for the first video, Dawn released her second video for single Automatic off the EP.



Over 100,000+ fans are patiently awaiting The Golden Heart as revealed Tuesday, July 17, 2012, Pretty Wicked Things. A song that Dawn describes as “it’s the story of the beautiful things in life that get ruined by the wicked things.” It’s a soulful dance track with the kind of arrangements that instantly point out her vocal influences.

As an independent artist, Richard has soared to new heights. She has proven that being an independent artist can be as beneficial and probably more lucrative to the artist. Dawn Richard deserves a standing ovation for the amount of blood, sweat, and tears she’s put into her overall music career. Her patience and perseverance is what got her where she is today.




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I am happy with the movement of BiBi’s Next To Blow and the strides we are making in small business. I appreciate all the artists, musicians, designers, authors, and entrepreneurs that took the time to sit down with us and talk about future endeavors.

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Do you sing, rap, perform spoken word, or make beats and you think you have what it takes

to be the next big thing to blow?

If so, BiBi’s Next To Blow is searching for talent to be featured on the very first mix tape. All submissions should include:

  • Original work (no industry beats, hooks, or celeb features)
  • Can submit up to 3 songs ($5 per song)
  • A short bio
  • links, websites, and pics

All music submissions will be considered, but not all work will make the cut. There are 12 spots to fill, and they will be filling up quickly. Now let’s make it interesting, the first slot on the mixtape is always the most coveted position. When all submissions are in 3 of the top artist who submitted will be posted for the audience to vote on who should have the coveted first slot on the mixtape. If you think this is you please submit your music! Good Luck!!

All music should be submitted to by August 25, 2012.

Email BiBi at and submit email of interest you will be given submission directions. Best of luck to all.


I usually surf the internet for the next hot thing, but thankfully Midas made my job so much easier by finding me! In the most professional manner this gentleman, Phillip Bonhomme known to the world as Midas, sent me all the things I would need to interview him. I asked how he found me, and he said he was impressed with the write up I did  As a journalist this is what I appreciate, and as a musician I was floored. From the drums down to the syncopated, percussion of the piano I could not believe that one person played this. An expert at saxophone and piano, I was sure this young man would have what it takes to get to the top.

BiBi: Hi honey, so tell me where did you come up with Midas? 

Midas: You know the story about the King Midas and everything he touched turned to gold?

BiBi: Yes.

Midas: Well that’s where it came from, I found out about it and sort of just ran with it.

BiBi: Where are you from? 

Midas: I am from DC/MD area.

BiBi: Oh DMV, shouts to them I love it there! Very cultural! So, I see you have or are working on placements. How do you feel about the opportunities and how are you getting yourself out there?

Midas: Well as far as the placements that are pending I am far too excited. It’s amazing validation that all the blood, sweat and tears are finally going to pay off. Just validation for handwork.

BiBi: What is your plan to attack the music industry?

Midas: Well I am in a trial period with District Music Group, but either way I’m going to keep working and make sure when I reach my goal the next one I reach will be better.

BiBi: Do you think you would fair better if you were signed to a major label?

Midas: Well I’m still unknown, so in a sense if I had a machine behind me to put me out there or in the focus of a larger outlet for help; I am completely open to it.

BiBi: If signed how much creative control would you want over your project?

Midas: I would like as much as possible. The one thing about my music is I do music that would not be considered the norm, and it can’t be bound by perimeters. It should be organic.

BiBi: What can people expect from your music?

Midas: Good question. I believe they can expect a very strong musical background, so I definitely bring musicianship incorporating saxophone and piano in my work. I just like to think I am blazing new trails.

BiBi: What would you say was your biggest break so far in this industry?

Midas: I would say my biggest break was last year when I won first place in the DC Beat Battle that was hosted by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League. I got a lot of awesome feedback and a lot of press.

BiBi: What life changing event, if any, helps influence your music today?

Midas: Maybe when I was in high school and I was a band kid {we chuckle}. I was sitting around one day and sat at the piano and just started to play. Then some kid came in and started beat boxing and then another came and started free styling. A crowd began to grow and I thought all this happened because I was playing my piano.

BiBi: Yeah that did sound pretty awesome! Fill in the blanks. Ready?

Midas: Yes.

Without music I’d be lost.

Music is the reason I wake up in the morning.

My music makes me feel that I have a voice.

I make music because it was always in me and I can help other artists express themselves.

Support my music because it can inspire people.

Go check him out at, Like his fb page MIDASISMUSIC and Follow his twitter @MIDASISMUSIC. This is one of the fresh new producers hungry for success in this business. Make sure you stayed tuned, your favorite rapper may be on his music soon!!


Listen here:




Onyx Keesha- The Actress, Director, Producer, Host, and Activist

Onyx Keesha wears many hats, she is an actress, producer, director, host, and activist. Believe it or not, that’s not including her most rewarding job, being a mom. Keesha is a NJ native, who like many others, made who her home in Atlanta. Once she settled, she began to work on her dream Mpower Productions. She has produced many great works under this production company, The Wiz, Aida, The Vagina Monologues, and The Colored Museum just to name a few. She also hosted her own web talk shot called 1:1 w/Onyx where she’s interviewed some of the industry’s heavy hitters, like Kelly Price and Kandi Burress. Over the past 15 years, Onyx Keesha has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry doing what she LOVES to do!

I starred in the 2000-2001 production of The Wiz with Onyx Keesha, and I can say first hand that she is serious about her craft. With music videos, short films, and theatre under her belt, we are sure to be hearing from her soon. Onyx Keesha’s work ethic is incomparable, she was bound for greatness and we are so glad she is succeeding! I would like to personally wish you success in all your endeavors. If you would like to contact Onxy Keesha please visit

Make sure you follow her on twitter @OnyxKeesha and like M.power’s Facebook page here

Directed by OnyxKeesha


Wishing you continued success!