Ian Grey- ReEvolution

Civilizations begin and crumble because of it. Wars are fought for the necessity of it. Lives are lost, love is found. All these are products of one of the simplest concepts yet ultimately needed aspects of life: Revolution. More closely, the music industry itself is in the process of a revolution. Lyrics, sounds, and messages are evolving, and in the artists’ favor. With more and more artists baring their souls in a way that the industry isn’t used to, the time is ripe for an artist like Ian Grey to emerge…
…or shall we say…re-emerge.
Last year, under the moniker “Imagine”, Ian Grey released his first mixtape entitled Strangers to rave reviews from fans and the internet alike. Ian calls it his introduction to the world and way for “strangers” to get acquainted with his sound. Influenced by Coldplay, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, and Kanye West, Ian set out to give his serving of R&B with a twist of indie, pop, hip-hop, and alternative styles.
But as time has told, and our world has shone, Ian couldn’t stay in the same place. Ever growing and maturing, he began his own musical revolution and embarked on his newest release, The Re-evolution. A new collection of what Ian calls “cinematic” music, this project is more personal, more political, and more intense than his former project. Songs like “Time For Work” detail the struggles of any gifted individual fighting against the expected 9-5 grind, while “Fire-starters” is one of his most sensual offerings where he tells his love that not even water can put out their flames. But on the opposite side of love, Ian talks about the hardships that most relationships go through in the lead single, “Paranoid”, telling his girl that trust is necessary now before it’s too late.
Download the project now for FREE at: Iangrey.Bandcamp.com
In the sense of re-evolving, Ian has revisited his past successes as a new independent artist, learning from his triumphs as well as mistakes in order to grow musically and become more prevalent in today’s indie artist landscape. With more shows to come, the release of The Re-evolution is sure to make it’s undeniable mark with not only his listeners, but with all seekers of change, evolution, and love.

Love’s A Guarantee- A-Natural

Singer, songwriter, producer, and vocal arranger A-natural will be releasing his
newest single "Love's A Guarantee" for FREE on Monday, September 17, 2012. The song
is produced by his longtime friend John Blue for John Blue Music and is being
released by BlockStars Production Studios. This marks A-natural's first original
release since 2011's love EP "...songs about YOU." The new single is the first of a
series of releases that A-natural will be bringing this fall along with more
releases from the BlockStars Production Studios imprint.
Fore more information, please visit www.anatural4ever.com or
www.blockstarsproductionstudios.com"Love's A Guarantee" can be downloaded on 9/17 by
visiting http://a-natural.bandcamp.com




#TKIK I-Know Brasco takes you to the big apple for a look at his performance of “JUICE” @ the TONE TRUMP & FRIENDS Concert at the legendary SOB’s …. appearances by Tone Trump, Mellie Mel, Shotgun Suge, DJ Damage, Cassidy, Chill Moody, Freeway and more … follow I-Know Brasco on twitter & Instagram @Iknowbrasco

Bianca Star- SWIMMING

Blacktree Music recording artist Bianca Star’s video for the SMASH single, “Swimmin”!!
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There are certain people who try to place his style, but it cannot be placed. Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead’s choruses and songwriting capabilities truly have never been seen before, the way he paints vivid pictures with an amazing amount of descriptiveness. Hailing from Plainfield, NJ, Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead started off making tapes in school with his partner-in-rhyme mc enigma. Early in the year 2011 Bishop the Eastside Nappyhead and mc enigma, having realized that there had been a steady influx of latinos in the last few years, knew the importance of learning Spanish and bringing Blacks and Latinos together by trying to stop violence between the two groups in Plainfield.Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead saved up money from working menial jobs and spent the whole year of 2011 living in Panama in some of the worst slums of the central American nation. All of this was to form the group Negros Americanos, an international crew specializing in the genres of hip hop and reggae. He, along with mc enigma survived jungle situations that gave them a new outlook on life as they succeeded in forming the group Negros Americanos. They returned to Panama in May, 2012 for the widely attended Negros Americanos Take Over show at the moonlight underground base in Tumba Muerto, Panama City. A couple of weeks after the show Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead went to Jamaica Town, Limon, Costa Rica to work with local artists from there.  After all of these experiences early in his career he is now writing and performing music in both English and Spanish, Bishop the Eastside Nappyhead’s Spanish being so clear and colloquial having learned it in the streets of Panama. Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead’s album NOT ANOTHER RAP CD was released right before he first went to Panama and it is arguably the most complete hip hop album one has heard in eons.  The album is an epic movie designed to hold a mirror up to today’s rap game, but also show that there doesn’t exist a rapper than can compare to Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead’s creative capabilities….and that is not debatable…”As a young (intelligent) black man…I’ve had it up to here…(points to the ceiling) with black women saying that “good black men” don’t exist….this song is a ‘we understand your plight but we do exist type of record’….disfruta (enjoy in spanish)-negros Americanos,”-Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead. (Queen Without A King)Queen Without A Kinghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYwIpXhSQHU&feature=plcplatest project


belowhttp://soundcloud.com/nappybishop/sets/not-another-rap-cd/When they are not writing rhymes or performing, Negros Americanos is traveling the world, trying to spread the word.

We aim to bring peace between Blacks and Latinos, in doing so we are also trying to let Latinos know about the Black American experience through music in both English and Spanish.  We want Black people in this country to know about the existence of Afro Latinos as well (there are actually more black people that live in Latin America than in the US).  We are here to bring their stories and ours to the forefront of the world.http://negrosamericanos.com/