Now typically I am not a gossiping site, but I want to bring a little light to a particular subject many independent artists, designers, and brands come in contact with, corporate bootlegging.

Many independent brands are dope, not only based on creativity, but also based on how far they are willing to risk going against the grain. When I first got on instagram, a lot of the independent clothing brands began following and I’d follow back. There was a particular brand called ARTISTIC REVOLT that I feel like I’ve watched grow over the last year or so creating original art and making a name for the brand. So much so that their apparel can be bought in the Kazbah store of KarmaLoop [], it’s pretty safe to assume these guys were ALREADY on!

Here is a screen shot of Artistic Revolts store on Kazbah Artistic Revolts BiBI's screenshot


Enter, Diddy. REVOLT TV are new start up television company. Though innovative, it’s not the first time a black man has started a television station, but it may possibly the very first time that a corporation ATTEMPTS to steal a logo from an already trademarked name.

Here is the screen shot of Diddy’s logo…

Revolt TV bibi's screenshot


oh here is one more little detail, it’s not like they are unaware of what they’ve done….

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 6.38.51 PM


photo credit: Artrevolts/IG


You be the judge, in the meantime independent brands, BEWARE!!!

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