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CARDI! Cardi B has just shot to number 1 on the Hot Billboard 100 charts as anticipated by Charlamagne Tha God. She is the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill’s solo project to reach #1 without a feature. Cardi B is out here smashing the scene.

Cardi went on Instagram to thank all her fans, friends, and family. She even thanked Charlamagne Tha God!


A Louisiana Assistant Police Chief by the name of Wayne Walsh shared a racist post on his personal Facebook page.  The picture shows a mother putting a child’s head underwater because she has a crush on a black boy. The meme reads ‘When your daughters first crush is a little negro boy.”

The meme picked up a bit of Walsh handing in his resignation and deactivated his Facebook page. However, he did not go down without a fight he posted:

It’s not against the law to share something on Facebook. It’s social media. The Internet. Well I’m sorry for what happened. Ya have a blessed day.

Now this is the reason black men are shot down in places like Lousiana, weigh in and leave your comments below.


Hello to everyone out there looking to see what’s new here on BiBi’s Next To Blow! I want to personally say thank you to all of you out there that have supported a true effort over the last 2.5 years. I am working on a new site to bring you all the things that I love to do like sing, cook, write music, make up, and all the cool things I do with my children. I will have more video and great DIY projects you can do with your family. In the meantime look out for more updates on the upcoming project that will mark 3 years of BiBi’s!

Love Always,



It’s Black History Month and the first visual on the day is bought to you by Lenny Harold ft The Izm with Mayday. In a tribute to all the young, African Americans that have lost their lives to police and gun violence in their communities. Lenny Harold brings an emotional presence to the song and his message, while The Izm sends an eerie reality to touch your soul. Using the hashtag #BLACKLIVESMATTER, pictures came from all over to be featured in the visual. A job well done and what other way to honor Black History Month than in song.

Click below for the visual…


To follow the artist on IG: @LennyHarold @eyedotzeedotem twitter: @lennyharold @The_IZM


I began watching Money & Violence in the summer of 2014 simply because I had come across it on youtube. I began watching then fell off and couldn’t seem to keep on schedule with the shows. At one point I couldn’t remember what I searched initially to get there. However, thanks to the Breakfast Club I found my new favorite web series again.


When I first began watching, I thought that this is like reading one of the really dope urban novels. I went in not expecting oscar worthy performances or the best quality camera, but was met with decent acting [especially those Jamaican yuh wan me fi observe lol] and not too bad camera action. So from the door I was like aight this should be good. Not trying to judge the production too much without reviewing it all, I began to focus on the story line. I heard “It’s like The Wire in Brooklyn” and I felt like it was in the same genre, but not a carbon copy. It was actually the most riveting web series I’ve ever seen. From the way Rafe moves like a boss, to the way Miz is super impulsive, even down to the way Tai AND his sister Shay are the same kind of snakes. This makes you take a look at your own hood, everyone has the old heads that drop gems but pull power moves in the night like Rafe and Miz. I love the depth of these two characters. I love how they are both strong independently and have the ability and confidence to coexist in the same street. I believe that whether rich or poor, these characters would still demand respect. With a climate of characters that change every scene, the authenticity and relatability is on 100! Money and Violence shows the intricacies of living and working on the streets, but still sends positive messages to the people. The message that was consistent for me is to stay in your lane. However, the creators of this show didn’t stay in their lane, they became lane creators.

I give the show 5 stars and I cannot wait for the next episode. If you want to binge watch Money and Violence  you can check it out on also visit their youtube channel and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a show.

Health Tip of the Day From @PrettyBeastMode_Fitness


#Did You Know?

Did you know that 2 oz of wheatgrass equals 4 pounds of green vegetables?

If you didn’t, now you do.



Today’s health tip was bought to you by @PrettyBeastMode_Fitness. A personal trainer with a lot of flair. If you are interested in working out with this trainer check out the links below.

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Ludacris Marries Euxodie?

And just like that, he’s a married man! It’s been reported that Ludicris is now married to his longtime girlfriend Euxodie! After accepting Luda’s proposal a day after Christmas, Euxodie returned home to find a wedding dress waiting.  Check out the proposal and wedding photos below. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Bridges! 






“Can I blow some kush up out the roof, reflect on my life  and speak a real nigga truth, Can I blow some kush up out the roof, look up to the sky and tell God I’m the truth!” Trinidad James has been a dope artist from day one and now just dropped his EP The Wake Up! He is already giving the fans something to anticipate as he announces a full length FREE album on January 20th entitled No One Is Safe, Whether it was his intent to blow, he has! Even without the record label supporting his efforts, he is fast becoming a major indie artist. He is making it clear that major backing in this day in age is completely unnecessary. His release of Black Man pt. 2 [no there isn’t a pt 1] is completely about starting over but doing it HIS way. This song is him predicting his “come back” as an independent artist. 





Your Royal Highness turned 3 today! On this day, three years ago the first American Princess was born. The young cutie has reportedly been called a Frozen aficionado! What kid isn’t these days?! We hope BIC had an awesome birthday today!