Imperfect People  is the newest release from ANatural off of the forthcoming mixtape I Write Songs Now. Though already a songwriter, ANatural is a gifted composer, vocal producer, and a host of other musical hats he uses to create the masterpieces he puts together. Initially, I was thrown off by the way the intro to the song boomed into my speakers, but the first run pulled it all together. The imperfect beat, without a doubt, solidified the message that ANatural is sending in Imperfect People. When he says, “we keep dealing with imperfect people, expecting perfection from the gate, when the only perfect thing is imperfection.” he sheds light on how dealing with imperfection can be a great thing, if it works.

BiBi Rumor: ANatural will be performing in Harlem on the 16th of July, make sure you’re on the lookout for that. Follow this artist https://www.facebook.com/Anatural4Ever on FB and @anatural4ever on twitter and instagram.




Fun Fact: ANatural will be releasing a mixtape in July called I WRITE SONGS NOW.

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