Onyx Keesha- The Actress, Director, Producer, Host, and Activist

Onyx Keesha wears many hats, she is an actress, producer, director, host, and activist. Believe it or not, that’s not including her most rewarding job, being a mom. Keesha is a NJ native, who like many others, made who her home in Atlanta. Once she settled, she began to work on her dream Mpower Productions. She has produced many great works under this production company, The Wiz, Aida, The Vagina Monologues, and The Colored Museum just to name a few. She also hosted her own web talk shot called 1:1 w/Onyx where she’s interviewed some of the industry’s heavy hitters, like Kelly Price and Kandi Burress. Over the past 15 years, Onyx Keesha has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry doing what she LOVES to do!

I starred in the 2000-2001 production of The Wiz with Onyx Keesha, and I can say first hand that she is serious about her craft. With music videos, short films, and theatre under her belt, we are sure to be hearing from her soon. Onyx Keesha’s work ethic is incomparable, she was bound for greatness and we are so glad she is succeeding! I would like to personally wish you success in all your endeavors. If you would like to contact Onxy Keesha please visitĀ http://harmonia.meccahosting.com/~a0007541/index.html.

Make sure you follow her on twitter @OnyxKeesha and like M.power’s Facebook page hereĀ http://www.facebook.com/MPoWeRProductions

Directed by OnyxKeesha


Wishing you continued success!


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