Recently a Texas woman, Brooke Allen, received a letter from Former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama. Shocked and confused her mother confessed that she had actually sent a wedding invitation to the Former First couple for her March wedding.

Allen received a letter congratulating her on her new chapter in life and she’s elated! The Obamas still continue to mail the American public post White House residency. I happen to love this and even received a letter myself congratulating me on the birth of my son!

Shout out to the Obamas!


After Tyler the Creator made his inflammatory accusations about Tidal allowing Meek Millz album to stream for free which manipulates the charts in some way. Tyler later deleted his accusations, but Billboard didn’t release the charts yet.

Hmm was Tyler onto something? It was expected for Tyler, Lana Del Ray, and Meek to do between 50K-90K in record sales. Mysteriously, Billboard posted to their site, “The race for number 1 is ongoing.”

You can hopefully check out the charts sometime this week.


A Louisiana Assistant Police Chief by the name of Wayne Walsh shared a racist post on his personal Facebook page.  The picture shows a mother putting a child’s head underwater because she has a crush on a black boy. The meme reads ‘When your daughters first crush is a little negro boy.”

The meme picked up a bit of Walsh handing in his resignation and deactivated his Facebook page. However, he did not go down without a fight he posted:

It’s not against the law to share something on Facebook. It’s social media. The Internet. Well I’m sorry for what happened. Ya have a blessed day.

Now this is the reason black men are shot down in places like Lousiana, weigh in and leave your comments below.


With all the controversial backlash surrounding the show “Confederate”, that depicts what life would be like if the Confederate states won the Civil War (insert eye roll emoji), Will Packer and Aaron McGruder along with Amazon announced their original series “Black America”. According to the description it will depict America if black people were given the south as reparations.

Now that’s the kind of stuff I love! It makes people think because it is a direct contrast to what the average American viewer is used to. I am proud that Amazon is making the step to become a more conscious company. I’m starting a new hashtag, #AMAZONWOKEASF