My history,

As a young, black man


Was gifted

Talented beyond years

That I claimed my own

Labeled a rapper

But dubbed it my hobby

Until the year 2000

When I realized I had a crowd

Beside me


Honed my craft

And released 3 albums

Independent, only me


3rd release

Year 2003

In 04, there was a knock on my door

Who is it?


Offered me a deal

1 bad decision

now the state owns me

Bad decision

State Property

Lesson Learned

Back on is where I gots to be

Now I breathe

Fresh Air

Paid debt to society

Dropped a mixtape in 30 days

Like I didn’t even go nowhere

My voice has power to share

Mixtapes rockin air waves

Creating rivals amongst labels

Trying to profit from 1DAH craze

Finally my buzz got bigger

But I’m still hungry

Ultimately making me grind harder

Cause all I really want is for Nasi to eat

I’m doing ME

No ONE wants this music shit

More than ME

In a class of my own

Name of the course ‘Intro to 1DAH’

And I’m changing my HISTORY!!!

1DAH, (pronounced Wonder) is what I would call the Robin Hood of the Underground. He is not only for the people he IS the people. He has the ability to reach new personal triumphs not just hip hop but music period, 1DAH appeals to all genres of music. 1DAH often speaks on wanting his music to be able to touch the masses; whether it be male/female, young/old etc. While at the same damn time telling his story more openly through his music. He thoroughly speaks on his incarceration a few years back, and shows how you can again be part of  mainstream society.  After previously being offered a deal by Sony, one bad decision changed his life forever in 2003. Thankfully, 30 days after his debt was paid to society he dropped a mix tape, and to his surprise he gained a following. He started to grind more releasing the EP “Days of my Life” in October 2011, which can be downloaded on, with the hit single “Have It All”. Today, he is already at work on his second album and released his first single this past Friday called, “Bottles on Deck ft. J. Shuler”. Which by the way, is my SHIT!! 1DAH definitely stepped outside of his box musically, the sound is so New Jersey club and it is sure to be a hit on the club scene! Make sure you look out for the new album “No Hard Feelings” on June 19, 2012.


Hello world!

Hello world,

I started this blog because of all the artists that are out here that I have personal relationships with who struggle to get on. I know a lot of you all are saying well everyone knows someone that can rap, sing, writes poetry, or is a comedian; but the difference is no one is creating an outlet for these people. I don’t know about you, but I am extremely tired of reading about artists that have these super deals (most of them are 360) and the people I know on the corner sound better. Unfortunately, some people forget how the struggle was in the beginning once they got on.

Well today is a new day and the time is finally here! This blog “BiBi’s Independent, Unsigned Hype” has been created for the unsung hero in all of us sometimes starving artists. This blog will be sure to feature music, photos, videos, and much more in the name of independent/unsigned grinding.

If you know someone out there who needs the recognition please feel free to email me and we will be sure to work out an interview.

I am hoping to have a lot of fun with this!

Happy reading!


P.S. First interview coming soon!