I must say this is one of the most solid, independent projects I’ve heard all year. The soulful, neosoul feel of the mixtape is like sweet cognac on a cold day. The vocal production of Anatural paired with the songwriting of Ian Grey proves again to be outstanding. The first song I heard off this album was Paranoid  and the runs Ian did at the end had me hooked, I couldn’t wait for the project to actually come out. I’ve listened for weeks before I realized I began singing the songs to myself.

Talks In The Dark and Dark Side are more sultry and mesmerizing. He exudes emotion through his vocal ability, which is heavily coated with gospel runs and jazzy scats and ad-libs, but his songwriting is transcendent.Go gave me life immediately, Ian proves he is no stranger to the pop-like sound. Devil In a Green Dress,  is so hip hop based, but sang in a powerful cadence. Reevolution/Evolution opened up with Stevie Nicks-like chords and a steady beat that gave him vocal freedom to go in!

Initially, I didn’t like Numb, but then I began to listen to how his voice carelessly and effortlessly rode the melody. It became more colorful than anything! The acoustic vamp at the end is stellar. Victim, is a dope ode to the “ladies that like to play the victim” it has an reggae feel to it, and the harmonies are like honey.  This would definitely be used to close the party! Murder Murder, see I’m already singing it!

It’s Time To Go To Work, I love the way Ian slowly attacks the hard hitting track that he’s singing over. His falsetto is so clean that it makes listening so much easier. New One$ is a great song, the writing is above par. It’s also honest. You can close your eyes and hear the sincerity in his voice when he says, “The new ones got my heart, but my old one still got it.”   Gotta respect that coming from a man.

Firestarters!!!! I love this song, the sound of nature, the lyrics, and the teamwork the song is talking about. We are fire starters baby. I love that .

Microscope is the best way to close this album. As we evolved with Ian Grey through his musical journey, it’s safe to say that this is a SOLID PROJECT! I give this 5 stars! Vocally,  musically, and lyrically innovative. He has captured a new, eclectic sound that embodies all it is to be the supremely talented Ian Grey.

Happy belated birthday and much continued success!


Ranking: 5 STARS




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