I usually surf the internet for the next hot thing, but thankfully Midas made my job so much easier by finding me! In the most professional manner this gentleman, Phillip Bonhomme known to the world as Midas, sent me all the things I would need to interview him. I asked how he found me, and he said he was impressed with the write up I did  As a journalist this is what I appreciate, and as a musician I was floored. From the drums down to the syncopated, percussion of the piano I could not believe that one person played this. An expert at saxophone and piano, I was sure this young man would have what it takes to get to the top.

BiBi: Hi honey, so tell me where did you come up with Midas? 

Midas: You know the story about the King Midas and everything he touched turned to gold?

BiBi: Yes.

Midas: Well that’s where it came from, I found out about it and sort of just ran with it.

BiBi: Where are you from? 

Midas: I am from DC/MD area.

BiBi: Oh DMV, shouts to them I love it there! Very cultural! So, I see you have or are working on placements. How do you feel about the opportunities and how are you getting yourself out there?

Midas: Well as far as the placements that are pending I am far too excited. It’s amazing validation that all the blood, sweat and tears are finally going to pay off. Just validation for handwork.

BiBi: What is your plan to attack the music industry?

Midas: Well I am in a trial period with District Music Group, but either way I’m going to keep working and make sure when I reach my goal the next one I reach will be better.

BiBi: Do you think you would fair better if you were signed to a major label?

Midas: Well I’m still unknown, so in a sense if I had a machine behind me to put me out there or in the focus of a larger outlet for help; I am completely open to it.

BiBi: If signed how much creative control would you want over your project?

Midas: I would like as much as possible. The one thing about my music is I do music that would not be considered the norm, and it can’t be bound by perimeters. It should be organic.

BiBi: What can people expect from your music?

Midas: Good question. I believe they can expect a very strong musical background, so I definitely bring musicianship incorporating saxophone and piano in my work. I just like to think I am blazing new trails.

BiBi: What would you say was your biggest break so far in this industry?

Midas: I would say my biggest break was last year when I won first place in the DC Beat Battle that was hosted by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League. I got a lot of awesome feedback and a lot of press.

BiBi: What life changing event, if any, helps influence your music today?

Midas: Maybe when I was in high school and I was a band kid {we chuckle}. I was sitting around one day and sat at the piano and just started to play. Then some kid came in and started beat boxing and then another came and started free styling. A crowd began to grow and I thought all this happened because I was playing my piano.

BiBi: Yeah that did sound pretty awesome! Fill in the blanks. Ready?

Midas: Yes.

Without music I’d be lost.

Music is the reason I wake up in the morning.

My music makes me feel that I have a voice.

I make music because it was always in me and I can help other artists express themselves.

Support my music because it can inspire people.

Go check him out at, Like his fb page MIDASISMUSIC and Follow his twitter @MIDASISMUSIC. This is one of the fresh new producers hungry for success in this business. Make sure you stayed tuned, your favorite rapper may be on his music soon!!


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