Spitting sophisticated bars sans profanity is highly respected because it’s all about the lyricism, and that’s what CyphTwo is all about. With rhymes that cut through to intelligence of this young, budding rapstar, I watched as he performed his song titled Divine Intervention. He is before his time in music, rapping with the consciousness of Common, Talib, and Black Thought. He molds words into crafty stories with catch lines as he recounts chasing the dream and money will follow all while not forgetting that he will have to pay back all he borrowed. I watched this 17 year old change the mood of the crowd, young women screamed, young men rapped along, and as his mom rapped the words as she held down the door.



At Center Stage Barbershop in Newark, NJ, that doubles as a eccentric nightlife spot, Cyph along with friends have curated a multimedia platform they call Culture Legends. Here artists can perform, network, and cultivate new relationships in the arts as well as party afterwards. This is a monthly event open to all artists so come out and enjoy the ambiance of live music with raw talent by the Phenom, Cyph Two.

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