Hailing from Chicago, or Chiraq as its been renamed, Koncrete City reemerges with All My Life. When it first blares through the speakers, I think not another trap song. Then I hear strings that Mr. WBeatz put in there and had a change of heart. Koncrete went easy on the first verse, but came at lightening speed on the second verse. He’s trying to build a building and in Chicago that is hard to do! He says I know you’ve been waiting for this, and we most certainly have. Check out this new visual for Koncrete City All My Life.

Koncrete City All My Life BiBi's Next To Blow

Photo credit: DC Visuals

The Entertainment Diva

From a lay off at City Colleges in the payroll department, Nicole Davis found herself unemployed armed with only a degree in journalism. Most people in this situation would sit idle and dream, but this emerging journalist made her dream of writing become a reality!

BiBi: Hi Nicole, how are you?!

Nicole: Hi, I’m fine and I just want to say I’m humbled by this. I mean I do interviews and for someone to want to interview me, yeah that’s cool!

BiBi: Yes, I understand! [chuckles] So tell me about yourself/blog. (www.entertaintainmentdiva.com)

Nicole: Well, I am a graduate of Columbia College here in Chicago. I’m a freelance writer for Lumino Magazine, as well as, editor/reporter Bezel Magazine. What got me started with the whole blogging thing was a lay off from City Colleges. I had been freelance writing so I figured if I can write for them I can write for myself. So I began pushing myself as far as my writing. I interviewed myself like, What is your desire? What do you want in this life? . I just decided to step out on faith and considered my dream of moving to LA. In the 11 hours prior to my flight, I canceled. I found a graphic designer and launched EntertainmentDiva.com in March of this year. Graphic Designers can help you set yourself apart from other blogsites.

BiBi: Awesome! So since you answered my question already (we shared a laugh), that’s what I love about this! You’re a blogger so you already know what I SHOULD ask you! 

Nicole: Yes, a graphic designer can make all the difference! But I also spotlight fashion in my “Fashion in the City” and “Top 5”! I have to get back into those, but yes those are what sets EntertainmentDiva.com apart from other blogs.

BiBi: What is your biggest success story to date with EntertainmentDiva.com?

Nicole: What I think my biggest success is the fact that I reach out, but a lot of people that are reaching back are doing so from other countries, like the UK and South Africa. I actually have a contributor who writes all the way from South Africa! I mean for me that’s amazing because that’s international, you know.

BiBi: Indeed I do. So, where do you see EntertainmentDiva and yourself in five years?

Nicole: You know Roland Martin? Well who doesn’t know him, but when he was my boss he said to me “Don’t go where you desire, go where the opportunity is.” So I plan to expand my network and blog and hopefully my dream place LA is where the opportunity is.

BiBi: Thanks Nicole! It was great speaking to you. 

Nicole: Thank you! I’m humbled by the opportunity.

Nicole is proof that thinking outside the box and networking is the way to succeed in this industry. She has what it takes to go all the way to the top if she sticks to the formula she’s created for herself! Make sure you check out www.entertainmentdiva.com and follow her on twitter @nicolemigone!

You never know she may be the next to blow….