As I take the first sip of the Flask Life, I begin to feel like I’m coasting to the sound of the waves hitting the shore with a blunt in hand. I’m now bobbing my head to the Day in the Life of the Flask and immediately think the Will Smith Summertime vibe. I feel like I was at the cookout with him  soaking in the ambiance of friends and family. Then out of nowhere Big George takes us to his hood with the bounce music on the joint Party, that easily visits the trap sure to be a strip club classic.  

BIBi's Big_George_Flask_Life-back

All the Way features the homie Hoddie the Young Jedi giving me old school hip hop. Then Big George introduces us to his favorite drink, Gimonade. His cadence and melodic hook is very reminiscent of Nate Dogg. God forbid that Gimonade in the red cup runs out, you quick to ask the dj for a Refill. Take a little time for yourself to run the Flask Life back. When you order Another Round make sure you get that bottle cause you know it’s going down. True Lies shakes up the tape with his feature on Who Knows taking us on a journey with him through his hood. Big George gives you the laid-back flow on this joint proving he knows what’s going on when the liquor is involved.

Now typically we don’t do this, but going on ahead and Keep the Party Going. Proving that he is all about having a great time with the ladies just as long as everyone is cool. Before leaving it all on the table, Big George wanted to show his softer side. Love Like This describes his relationship that many would think is about a woman, but we know better! The Flask Life is dope down to the Last Sip. 


Big George hails from Plainfield, NJ, but has the versatility to give you a west coast feel from an East Coast BEAST! The tape is cohesive and the features are the chaser. The Flask Life gets 5 stars!





Luckily for us, BiBi’s Next To Blow caters to all artists! Here is an entry from a young lady who goes by the name Poetic or @Quiet_Stormm on twitter! She has selected a beat and she eloquently uses spoken word to express herself. We are huge fans of this art! We hope to hear more from this poet in the future.


2 snaps!!



Ya Highness- Motion Picture Sh*t!

First project by up and coming Brooklyn NY artist “Ya Highness” Y.H.I.C (Ya Highness In Charge) displays his versatility as he puts his smooth yet classically Brookyln flow. With the jumpy high hats and syncopated beats he is sure to be one of the leaders of the new school. For inquires email @yahighness87@gmail. Also follow on twitter @yahighness87


You never know, he may be the next to blow..