A-Natural has emerge after releasing his newest single, Imperfect People, and releases I WRITE SONGS NOW.  A-natural has released numerous singles and albums in the past, but it seems nothing is more defining than this moment in his musical career. With the title, I WRITE SONGS NOW, it evokes the question “what does this mean?”. In Conversations with A-Natural, the artist discusses why he chose this title and what this music means to him.

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A-Natural explains that is where he is in his life when it comes to music and how his relationship with it is evolving.  Listening to the pencil scratch the pad as he scribes his soul for the mixtape, it’s almost as if you’re part of the process. Then when the falsetto booms through the speaker, makes the title all the more clear.

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Hailing from New Brunswick, NJ Authentik is a R&B singer with a lot of hip hop influence in the background. Being featured on many artists records, he felt it was time to bless the world with his first mixtape, “Classified”. He mixes everyday issues with melodies and sings us through the pain.

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He said in a recent interview with BKS1 Radio that his father was his biggest inspiration. When he lost his father in 2003 that was a pivotal moment in his life where he decided on whether or not to give up on his dream of singing. Fast forward and he is on the fast track to stardom. In person he is a quiet spirit, but when he is performing nothing can get in his way.

With his new single, Last Time, Authentik is bringing you the heat with the first single. To download his latest project click this link,  http://www.reverbnation.com/authentik4/songs


I met the precocious, young man at a hip hop summit. He was full of questions that spoke to the innocence he possessed, but the tenacity for this music sport. We sat down and had a few words with this New Jersey native about the state of hip hop to who do you like best. It was clear he was ready to make a name for himself as a producer. Formerly a rapper, he says that “hip hop ain’t dead, it’s just growing.”Young Mir-BiBi's Young Mir- BiBi's

“I am real competitive so I like to stay current”  was the answer he gave when asked how often does he put people up on new music. Mentioning his favorite rapper at the moment was Future, who he says he put people onto prior to the rise of Future. Check out the interview and go find his work https://soundcloud.com/yung-mir-3



Spitting sophisticated bars sans profanity is highly respected because it’s all about the lyricism, and that’s what CyphTwo is all about. With rhymes that cut through to intelligence of this young, budding rapstar, I watched as he performed his song titled Divine Intervention. He is before his time in music, rapping with the consciousness of Common, Talib, and Black Thought. He molds words into crafty stories with catch lines as he recounts chasing the dream and money will follow all while not forgetting that he will have to pay back all he borrowed. I watched this 17 year old change the mood of the crowd, young women screamed, young men rapped along, and as his mom rapped the words as she held down the door.



At Center Stage Barbershop in Newark, NJ, that doubles as a eccentric nightlife spot, Cyph along with friends have curated a multimedia platform they call Culture Legends. Here artists can perform, network, and cultivate new relationships in the arts as well as party afterwards. This is a monthly event open to all artists so come out and enjoy the ambiance of live music with raw talent by the Phenom, Cyph Two.

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