Ke’Ke by KeKe Wyatt

With her new EP Ke’Ke blazing the airwaves, this R&B Diva shows no sign of slowing down. I’ve listened to all the songs, but one song that stuck out infamously is Lie Under You. This is a testament to love and country music. Paying homage to her deep south roots, she sings so delicately about the comforts of her man while telling him “all I can do is think about you”.

keke- bibisnexttoblowThis is definitely a great song that goes back to the feeling that soul and blues gives when sang properly, from the heart. Another song that really caught my attention on the newly released Ke’Ke EP was Rain ft. Pusha T, this is because it’s not what I expected from Ms. KeKe. Though not expected, definitely a joint that will make your head nod. The new EP Ke’Ke is now available for download on iTunes

Click here to watch KeKe sing “Lie Under You”  live!