Where are you from? Where did your name originate?

Milwaukee, WI, But I was born in Congo, Africa. My name Kubi comes from my Full Name Mukubi but it’s actually an acronym of Keep Up Born Ill.


How would you describe your music?

I Think the best way to describe my music is that it’s me

From Track one to Track Sixteen, My Music Describes me and where I’m at in my life

So sometimes it’s going to be smooth, sometimes it’s going to high paced. My music is just really a combination of a Late teenagers life and all the different emotions that a kid goes through.

Who were your childhood influences?

-what is your first experience with music?

-what type of music did you listen to?

Growing Up I really listened to everything my brother did he was the first person to put me up on 2pac and DMX, who are some of my biggest influences, I listened to a lot of Nelly and Eminem, But as I started to grow I jumped into listening to a lot of Texas Hip-Hop. Chamillionaire was like the first I ever really got into by myself, he’s the first artist I ever bought an album from and after listening to it was the first time I ever thought of doing music.


 Why did you decide to pursue your music?

Well it took a while I got into it and started making songs in 2010 which then after I dropped a Song called SO-Much Which Helped build a little bit of a Buzz for me and got me signed but soon after that I opted out of that contract and continued playing basketball. Then I got into college for ball and during my first semester of being a redshirt freshmen and dealing with the struggles of going from playing all the time in high school to not playing a lick my freshmen year of college. Really through me into a depression that basketball could no longer help get me out of and music seemed to be my savior, so that when I thought to myself “ Hey you should give This a Try”


What can the people expect from your music?

Live performance?

When you come to my show, you should expect to be Entertained, I’m really animated, I like to get into the crowd and really interact with everyone. I love Crowd participation so if you want to run on stage its more than welcome. My show is really an experience so I think the best way for you to get it is to come to one of my shows.


What would you describe as your biggest break in music thus far?

Redshirt Freshmen, That whole Mixtape Really Helped break me and get me on people radar, because up until that point the only thing people heard for two years was So-Much it helped show growth in my music and Landed me on a Lot of Front Pages for Top Mixtapes when It Came Out. Including Dat Piff.

 If signed, how much creative control would you want over your career?


We’ll I think all artist’s want complete control because it is your thoughts that were putting on wax. But I understand the business side of things, and I understand that sometimes you need the input of others especially others that are more experienced then you in your field. I really want it to where me and the label can sit together and come up with a plan that were both comfortable with, which each side isn’t really stepping on the others toes.


 Thinking back what are some life changing events that help influence your music?


Everything from Quiting Boxing when I was on Top and Picking Up basketball and having everybody look at you like WTF are you doing, to doing the same exact thing again With Music but this time Really leaving basketball. Also living in shelter homes and having your bothers and sisters go to jail. I think that my life in general shapes my music no one real moment, but everything as a whole. My life has been a roller coaster before music and Now it’s even more so


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well in five years I see myself with a bachelors degree in Marketing and I also see myself having 3-5 Number One Hits on the billboard charts. And really being comfortable with my life and the things I’ve done in it up to that point.


Without music I’d be Lost

Music is Food for The Soul_

My music makes me feel Like a Trillion Bucks

I write music because It helps me free myself from the Shekels of life

Support my music because It’s actually good haha It Doesn’t suck lol