Hailing from New Brunswick, NJ Authentik is a R&B singer with a lot of hip hop influence in the background. Being featured on many artists records, he felt it was time to bless the world with his first mixtape, “Classified”. He mixes everyday issues with melodies and sings us through the pain.

Authentik BiBI's

He said in a recent interview with BKS1 Radio that his father was his biggest inspiration. When he lost his father in 2003 that was a pivotal moment in his life where he decided on whether or not to give up on his dream of singing. Fast forward and he is on the fast track to stardom. In person he is a quiet spirit, but when he is performing nothing can get in his way.

With his new single, Last Time, Authentik is bringing you the heat with the first single. To download his latest project click this link,