As a lover of all things fine and performing arts, it was only right that I feature this choreographer Drew James. In the past few years most of the videos I’ve seen from indie artists had one thing in common, Drew’s choreography. From slow jams to full out dance fever, Drew serves it up hot every time. He took the time to answer a few of BiBi’s questions and here is what he had to say.



Where are you from? Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in New Jersey. I grew up in the suburbs of Central Jersey, particularly Edison. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always been interested in the arts. I did Tae-Kwon Do, gymnastics and played the clarinet. But dance was always that one thing I never started and stopped doing.


 How would you describe your style of dance?

I’d say my style of dance infuses a lot of different styles in it. I was trained in jazz, modern and contemporary styles and in my choreography, I love utilizing my body in its entirety. I love going up, down, drop to the floor. My dancers will definitely tell you, “Your in for a workout when you do my stuff.” A key note in my choreography is also the use of balancing smooth with fast pace intricate movements.


Who were your childhood influences?

Michael and Janet Jackson


what is your first experience with dance?

I saw Michael’s Thriller video and I even though I was scared, I knew hiding behind that chair, that was what wanted to do.

-what type of music did you listen to?

Old school, r&b and especially blues. I remember my parents having an 8 track and playing all the classics.


Why did you decide to pursue your dancing? 

Dancing is the only thing that makes me happy in life that has never let me down. It’s truly my therapy and I feel so embedded in the art of dance that living life without it would make me extremely lost.


 What can the people expect from your dancing?

A lot of energy, personality, fun, character and just performance

 -Live performance?

There’s always a story behind my pieces, so based off of the story that I’m trying to convey, a character is brought to life.


What would you describe as your biggest break in dance thus far?

Biggest break for me would have to be dancing with Lauryn Hill for a bunch of shows she was doing up and down the East Coast. She saw a lot of potential in me after seeing me dance and gave me the opportunity to accompany her as a dancer around the time she was doing the “Smokin Grooves” Tour. I consider her a legend and her music spoke to so many different people on a lot of different levels.


If signed, how much creative control would you want over your career?

I was signed with an agency a couple years ago, but the particular agency kind of went under. But if I get signed again, it’d be cool. But if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world. A lot of my success came from just working hard and building a name around Drew James. Representation is important for dancers to a certain extant, but it’s not the end all.


Thinking back what are some life changing events that help influence your style of dance?

I’d say working with a lot of different choreographers and training under them has definitely influenced the foundation of my movement. As a choreographer, it’s important to be defined in a group of your own.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still dancing and just touching others with my movement.


 Fill in the Blanks

Without music I’d be LOST

Dance is LIFE

I dance because I LOVE IT.

Support my dance because IT’S ALL I HAVE.


Drew is paving his own way in the dance game, and is determined to continue to rise to the top! We wish you the best and when you have more videos please make sure BiBi gets them!!