As soon as the as beat drops you know West Philly is in the building. I then hear Clout beaming through the speakers on the Live Young Die Rich  joint. With hard hitting music wrapped around mean drum kicks and a dope transition into the hook, I was totally interested in what else Clout had to say. What I love the most about artists out of Philly is their versatility, and that was showcased with fellow Philly artist on Get Around  featuring Space High Pate. [also featured on BiBi’s]. I travel through the mixtape thinking more and more he is showing the versatility in the Philly music sound. Clout comes hard on the track Stand Up Guy , but then I reach the title track  (which i soon realized was an interlude) Mean. I would have loved to hear that whole song, it was rich and filled with passion that could have set the tone for the album thereafter. Clout has a story to tell, even through the way he screams yeah as he ad-libs through the interlude you knew the following track had to be a killer. As I listen to Aaliyah’s soft voice scale in on the track Smile I wondered how they would chop the sample, and to my surprise they cut it up in an unexpected place. Although unexpected it worked. I am a lover of the trap beat like the rest of the Hip Hop world, but I hate to hear people that actually have bars on them. Trap beats have a tendency to drown out the lyrical content and summon a bankhead bounce out of anyone. Clout is a powerful lyricist so the tracks The Devil is a Liar and The Definition fit his lyrical content. The soulful music doesn’t overpower what he is trying to convey. If you closed your eyes while listening you could almost picture the video. I was entertained from front to back, but I would like Clout’s next project to be more fluent in the beat category. Overall, I would rate his mixtape on originality, lyrical content, and versility. <<<DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE HERE


Originality: 4 out of 5 stars

Lyrical content: 4 out of 5 stars

Versitility:  5 out of 5 stars

Ovarall score: 4.333

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[Editor’s Note] Clout, I appreciate the opportunity to listen to your mixtape. I want you to know this is merely my opinion, but I did love your Mean Mixtape. I would love to see you perform some of your work live, and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.



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If so, BiBi’s Next To Blow is searching for talent to be featured on the very first mix tape. All submissions should include:

  • Original work (no industry beats, hooks, or celeb features)
  • Can submit up to 3 songs ($5 per song)
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  • links, websites, and pics

All music submissions will be considered, but not all work will make the cut. There are 12 spots to fill, and they will be filling up quickly. Now let’s make it interesting, the first slot on the mixtape is always the most coveted position. When all submissions are in 3 of the top artist who submitted will be posted for the audience to vote on who should have the coveted first slot on the mixtape. If you think this is you please submit your music! Good Luck!!

All music should be submitted to by August 25, 2012.

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