As I made my way through NY streets looking for Lit Lounge, not knowing it was inconspicuous as it was. Upon first look you didn’t know for sure this is where you wanted to be, but I walked in and was reassured when I spotted Newz!  Philly artist Newz Huddle sat quietly in the cornering facing off with Ms. Monet (his very persistent handler,HI!!!). We exchange salutations and were officially ready for the performance.

I got to hang out and get to know one of the most promising underground artist, Newz Huddle. In a red tint lit basement and small stage Newz Huddle set Lit Lounge on fire by starting his set a cappella. Only to jump right into joints like “Water” and “Killer” and won the crowd over!

What I liked best was his very humble persona, even how he was the ONLY artist to shout out everyone else that was going to grace the stage that evening. I see very promising future for Newz Huddle and his team.