****RATE****: “Reality Show” Jazmine Sullivan Live Stream

We have been waiting for this album ever since Jazmine decided to retire! With Dumb ft Meek Mill and Mascara burning the airwaves, Jazmine, the Philly phenom, decided to live stream her album on Soundcloud.com! For fans like myself that enjoy the honey coated vocals this is quite the blessing! My personal favorites are Brand New, #HoodLove, and Forever Don’t Last! Baby, when I say she went in on these for me. Brand New and #HoodLove are striking because they are hard hitting as she showcases her versatility. Forever Don’t Last is a classic Jazmine song! This song is very reminiscent of her former project Love Me Back,  as if it is the reprise of Excuse Me  where she professed her undying love for her man.

This is a solid project top to bottom! Jazmine is one of the only artists that can release a full album where she isn’t the same artist on every song. She is always an amazing talent! Congrats to you Jazmine! Reality Show  available for download right now!

Rate: 4.5 stars