Love’s A Guarantee- A-Natural

Singer, songwriter, producer, and vocal arranger A-natural will be releasing his
newest single "Love's A Guarantee" for FREE on Monday, September 17, 2012. The song
is produced by his longtime friend John Blue for John Blue Music and is being
released by BlockStars Production Studios. This marks A-natural's first original
release since 2011's love EP "...songs about YOU." The new single is the first of a
series of releases that A-natural will be bringing this fall along with more
releases from the BlockStars Production Studios imprint.
Fore more information, please visit or"Love's A Guarantee" can be downloaded on 9/17 by



I love when I speak with another gifted vocalist because it inspires me to better. I talked with Gael Boom, who has thousands of views on his cover of Brandy’s Put It Down, and this is his story.


 Where are you from? Where did your name originate?

I’m Originally from Africa (The Republic Democratic of congo) n lived in Toulouse (France). My 1st name is French and it means joy.

How would you describe your music?

My music is positive and Very Unique. It’s more than just a song, it’s the message

Who were your childhood influences?

Grew up listening to alotta Usher, Smokie Norful and Fred Hammond. Now I got introduced to Brandy and I love her music

-what is your first experience with music?

I started as a musician, taught myself how to play the keyboard and the drum at the age of 10 and then started singing 5 years later

-what type of music did you listen to? 

Pop, Rnb, Zook n Gospel

Why did you decide to pursue your music? 

I decided to pursue music because every time I go to a show, church or a concert, just seeing people on stage performing, I could picture myself on their position and I just knew it was something I really wanted to do

What can the people expect from your music?

Live performance?

They should expect a great and inspiring music n my goal is to create a new genre of music

Thinking back what are some life changing events that help influence your music?

I lived in a place where everybody was doubting me, saying that I’m not good enough so I really didn’t have a good support and that’s what made me work heard to where I am right now

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself performing on big stages, producing hits and winning awards

Fill in the Blanks

Without music I’d go Crazy

Music is my life

My music makes me feel Alive

I write music because I love music and that’s the best way to express myself and let it all out

Support my music because it’s about time !! the world needs it


We will be waiting for the Wildest Dreams cover on the 9th of September. Wishing Gael Boom the best in his endeavors, make sure you follow him on twitter @GaelBoom.




With all the controversy ensuing about her former relationship with Memphitz, K.Michelle has 0 FUCKS to give with the release of her new mix tape! She comes strong with spicy lyrics and strong  beats over her soulful voice. Hopefully she will not be unsigned for long, but if this is the effort given for an indie record she doesn’t need any backing because the music speaks for itself! Shout out to my fellow pisces on her new mix tape, 0 FUCKS TO GIVE!





You never know she may be the next to blow…






We have been followers of TC and his wonderful voice for quite sometime now, long before the days of twitter! I asked him if he was signed and he said NO! I cannot believe someone whose songs have climb the charts not be signed themselves. TC is an exceptional artist in his own right but has been blessed with Justin Beiber, Tamar, and Brandy credits to boot. You know how we love our Brandy here and even she said “TC is the SHIT!”! That was just in case you didn’t believe me! With an incredible poise, TC delivers his rendition of current songs and he usually does it a cappella! With runs as fluid as cognac TC’s vocal ability in incomparable. Check out his new video to his Assassins where he covers “Settle Down” by Kimbra.


Make sure you follow him @SongwriterTC. and visit his site to download Love’s Assassin here

TC you are definitely an inspiration to all songwriters and artists out here now, we wish you the best of luck!