Dawn Richard from Bad Boy to Independent Solo Success



I’ve watched Dawn Richard from the time she burst onto the scene in 2005 with thousands of other girls, whom she would soon beat out for the chance to win Making the Band. It was clear to myself and the rest of the world that she was the breakout artist among the talented young ladies. A budding songwriter, a classically trained dancer, and a vocal talent that soars, Dawn Richard was destined for greatness.

Her brief four year stint in multiplatinum recording group Danity Kane solidified her as a force in the music industry. It was with them Dawn penned hits like “Strip Tease”, “Lights Out” and “Ain’t Going” off of the Welcome To The Dollhouse album by Danity Kane. As most all girls groups do, they broke up, for the world to see, leaving them in situations where emotions ran high and integrity was questioned. Through it all, Diddy remained supportive of Richard’s career in the industry. She began writing songs for Cassie, Diddy and other Bad Boy artists as she was the only remaining member of Danity Kane still signed to Bad Boy records.

In 2009, Dawn was a contributing member of Bad Boy multiplatinum group Dirty Money, which consisted of Diddy, Dawn Richard, and Kalenna Harper. They released Last Train To Paris  in March of 2010, which spawned 3 hits Angels, Love Come Down, and Hello Goodmorning ft TI. Thus making Dawn Richard the only member of DK to record on a major label after the disbanding of the group. By February 2011, Richard released mixtape The Prelude to a Tell Tale Heart. This created a buzz thanks to all at GlobalGrind.com where it was released. This was called a prelude because a debut studio album was up and coming. When Dirty Money disbanded, Richard was released from her contract with Bad Boy.

Subsequently, Dawn announced that she would be releasing a debut solo album, a trilogy, The Golden Heart, Black Heart, and Redemption Heart. The Golden Heart which is set to be released October 16, 2012 is prefaced by Armor On. Before the album debut, she real eased  EP Armor On, on March 27, 2012, with an explosive lead single Bombs blazing the way. It was here Richard showcased her new progressive r&b sound with groundbreaking choreography. With great reception for the first video, Dawn released her second video for single Automatic off the EP.



Over 100,000+ fans are patiently awaiting The Golden Heart as revealed Tuesday, July 17, 2012, Pretty Wicked Things. A song that Dawn describes as “it’s the story of the beautiful things in life that get ruined by the wicked things.” It’s a soulful dance track with the kind of arrangements that instantly point out her vocal influences.

As an independent artist, Richard has soared to new heights. She has proven that being an independent artist can be as beneficial and probably more lucrative to the artist. Dawn Richard deserves a standing ovation for the amount of blood, sweat, and tears she’s put into her overall music career. Her patience and perseverance is what got her where she is today.